What had happened was ...

The best laid schemes of Podcasters and men often go awry. And that has been the case over the past few months. In this episode J (@HipHopTaliban) explains the reason for the unexpected GOML hiatus and lays out the plan for 2016. We take a look at the Biggie Blockbuster Mash-up and send a tribute out to a fallen HipHop friend.

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Is Gen X done with HipHop?

In this episode East Coast Dre (@AndreCole) and MJ (@matthewjxmalady) aka Thurgood join J (@HipHopTaliban) to discuss whether HipHop is still palatable to the middle-aged members of Generation X. Based on the eight volumes of smooth jazz remixes issued by Hidden Beach Records, the answer may be "No." Forget the Whip It Nae Nae, the most impressive dance move is the Moonwalk Mos Def performed as he retracted the rap battle challenge he issued to the entire HipHop universe. We also acknowledge the enduring popularity of lemonade. 

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The Villain in Back

History is written by the winners. Apparently biopics are written by the billionaire — as the NWA movie, Straight Outta Compton, produced by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, minimizes and marginalizes the contributions MC Ren made to the seminal rap group. 

Despite having writing or co-writing credits on 32 of 43 songs on the most significant NWA/NWA-related albums, the movie treats the Villain in Black like a central casting extra who just happened to be along for the ride ... and free Raiders' gear.

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CSI: HipHop Pt. I


This episode represents the first in a multi-part series exploring the question, "When did HipHop go from a predominantly creative outlet for artistic and cultural expression to a commercial tool wielded by jackasses for the glorification of ignorance, pathology, and conspicuous consumption?" 

Using, the Billboard Rap charts as a guide, J (@HipHopTaliban), East Coast Dre (@AndreCole), and Professor Adolphus Belk Jr. (@abjrphd), examine HipHop music, month-by-month, year-by-year, from the Golden Era to the Trap — Along the way, identifying a list of suspects to later be charged with the high crime of attempting to kill HipHop!

Listeners can follow along with the discussion by downloading a pdf document containing 26 years of rap music charts HERE.

We also say a fond farewell to West Coast Dre and pay respects to Sean Price.

  • 26:32 — 1989 - 1990
  • 43:15 —  1991
  • 51:18 —   1992
  • 01:09:32 — RIP Sean Price



In this episode J and Dre check out some current selections from some apparently popular rappers, and try to determine whether Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, Gunplay, and Future are even speaking English!— Considering the content, most of the lyrics are probably best left undecipherable.

Also featured are reviews of selections from Rawkus stalwarts Company Flow, Daz Dillenger and Kurupt Young Gotti, Demigodz, The GZA & DJ Muggs, and some unexpected fire from Fresh "Will Smith" Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff. And this episode's You Big Dummy candidate is perhaps one of the most blasphemous rap songs ever made.

  • English? — 17:50
  • Company Flow — 47:49
  • Tha Dogg Pound — 56:23
  • DJ Muggs & GZA — 1:08:04
  • Demigodz — 1:13:18
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince — 1:19:36
  • You Big Dummy (King Los) — 1:31:24

BHN featuring ATCQ

GOML Episode 3

Somewhat unintentionally, another part of the Native Tongues Collective finds itself in the Get Off My Lawn crosshairs as Dre and J debate when exactly A Tribe Called Quest officially peaked out and then fell off in a brand new segment ... yeah, that's the name! A HipHop legend attempts to dethrone O.T. Genesis as the You Big Dummy World Heavyweight Champ. We learn some things about the death of a soul singer that we wish we could unlearn. And J goes Linda Tripp on his local Ford dealer and HAM on his fellow moviegoers. 

Plus old man reviews of music by Ghostface Killah, Young Roscoe, Jean Grae, Mr. Akil, and Weezy F. Baby.

  • Ford Fiasco — 08:26
  • BHN — 24:23
  • Ghostface Killah — 1:06:10
  • Young Roscoe — 1:17:36
  • Jean Grae — 1:27:14
  • Lil Wayne — 1:38:52
  • Mr. Akil — 1:51:30
  • You Big Dummy (Tupac) — 2:00:18 

La di da di Too Old To Party?

Slick Rick

While some real-life old grown man business delayed this episode by a few weeks, like the Geto Boys, the Get Off My Lawn Podcast can't be stopped! 

In this episode J and Dre tackle the HipHop-specific question of "How old is too old to be attending rap concerts?"; Pass some much needed performance wisdom on to a HipHop legend; Scratch their heads over Sprite's bizarre choices for a HipHop Mt. Rushmore; debate the best rental car to use to go wizarding; and wonder what the Hell a soft piano solo and delicate crooning are doing in the most popular rap song of the day.

Plus, old man reviews of music from Clockwork Indigo, Mystic, Jadakiss, Dub C, and the Jigmastas. 

And somebody owes someone a watermelon.

  • How old is too old for HipHop shows? — 14:01
  • Drake in Sprite's HipHop Mt. Rushmore? — 1:00:28
  • Clockwork Indigo — 1:06:05
  • Mystic — 1:14:27
  • Jadakiss — 1:22:21
  • WC — 1:33:22
  • Jigmastas — 1:42:03
  • Wiz Khalifa — 1:50:51
  • Arrested Development — 2:01:30

De La's New Jack Hustle?


EPISODE 1 — J & Dre discuss De la Soul's Kickstarter campaign and the star-studded launch of the Tidal streaming service. Are these new music business models or a way for artists to dupe loyal fans into subsidizing their ventures? Plus, special guest @AndreCole reps hard for the NYC, threatening to reduce the number of hosts by 50%. Reviews of music from Heavy D, classic Blackmoon, turntable wizardry from MixMaster Mike, and remixes from A Tribe Called Quest and Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The first You Big Dummy award is given out to a most deserving candidate. And, how to tell the difference between a B-boy and a B-man!

  • The Great De La Debate — 26:36
  • The 5 - Music Reviews — 1:24:41
  • A Tribe Called Quest - Butter (remix) — 1:27:02
  • Mixmaster Mike - Anti-Theft Device — 1:38:13
  • Heavy D - Better Land — 1:43:12
  • BlackMoon - Who Got Da Props — 1:48:49
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth — I Got A Love (remix) —1:57:46
  • You Big Dummy — 2:07:52