BHN featuring ATCQ

GOML Episode 3

Somewhat unintentionally, another part of the Native Tongues Collective finds itself in the Get Off My Lawn crosshairs as Dre and J debate when exactly A Tribe Called Quest officially peaked out and then fell off in a brand new segment ... yeah, that's the name! A HipHop legend attempts to dethrone O.T. Genesis as the You Big Dummy World Heavyweight Champ. We learn some things about the death of a soul singer that we wish we could unlearn. And J goes Linda Tripp on his local Ford dealer and HAM on his fellow moviegoers. 

Plus old man reviews of music by Ghostface Killah, Young Roscoe, Jean Grae, Mr. Akil, and Weezy F. Baby.

  • Ford Fiasco — 08:26
  • BHN — 24:23
  • Ghostface Killah — 1:06:10
  • Young Roscoe — 1:17:36
  • Jean Grae — 1:27:14
  • Lil Wayne — 1:38:52
  • Mr. Akil — 1:51:30
  • You Big Dummy (Tupac) — 2:00:18