De La's New Jack Hustle?


EPISODE 1 — J & Dre discuss De la Soul's Kickstarter campaign and the star-studded launch of the Tidal streaming service. Are these new music business models or a way for artists to dupe loyal fans into subsidizing their ventures? Plus, special guest @AndreCole reps hard for the NYC, threatening to reduce the number of hosts by 50%. Reviews of music from Heavy D, classic Blackmoon, turntable wizardry from MixMaster Mike, and remixes from A Tribe Called Quest and Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The first You Big Dummy award is given out to a most deserving candidate. And, how to tell the difference between a B-boy and a B-man!

  • The Great De La Debate — 26:36
  • The 5 - Music Reviews — 1:24:41
  • A Tribe Called Quest - Butter (remix) — 1:27:02
  • Mixmaster Mike - Anti-Theft Device — 1:38:13
  • Heavy D - Better Land — 1:43:12
  • BlackMoon - Who Got Da Props — 1:48:49
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth — I Got A Love (remix) —1:57:46
  • You Big Dummy — 2:07:52