Taking Ls at 4:44

Get off my lawn 4:44

In this episode, the Black Cloud (@AndreCole) gets the last laugh as J (@HipHopTaliban) takes his Jay-Z L like a man as Professor Belk (@abjrphd) joins in to break down Shawn Carter's brilliant piece of HipHop art, 4:44, track by track.  Also: 360 record deals, the lost art of sampling, the end of ATCQ?

New Music, Old School, & Old Men

Get Off My Lawn Podcast New year Old Men

In this episode J (@HipHopTaliban) and Andre “East Coast Dre” Cole (@Andre Cole) discuss their differing opinions on the 2016 releases from A Tribe Called Quest, Common, and De la Soul; Yasiin Bey’s middle finger to the City of Angels; the discography battle royale; and some fu-k him thoughts going out to America’s new president.

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