No Ni--a Pass


When comedian Bill Maher brought in a Black panel to slap his wrists over a joke in which he called himself a “house ni--a,” HipHop heads took note as lifelong ni--a (the word) advocate, ni--a (the word) promoter, and serial ni--a (the word) abuser Ice Cube decided to be HipHop’s ambassador in the spectacle, despite the fact that it is a word he has singlehandedly done more to promote and popularize among white people than anybody. 

In this episode, JC (@HipHopTaliban), East Coast Dre (@AndreCole), and the Professor (@abjrphd) tackle the controversy, the history, the pain, the hypocrisy, and the complexities of the most the most explosive word in the English language and HipHop’s most common … and we do jump all over white privilege. So sorry cool non-Black people, no “ni--a passes” will be issued!

We also examine clever uses of the word in HipHop; Pay tribute to Prodigy; Whether Jay-Z will actually evolve as an artist; and how grown HipHop heads deal with the trolls!

We Pity The Fools

In this episode J (@HipHopTaliban) and East Coast Dre (@Andre Cole) tackle HipHop's growing generational divide, with a focus on the recent beef between legendary HipHop producer Pete Rock and new school rappers Young Dolph and Lil Yachty, and how the revelation of boxer and serial abuser Floyd "Money" Mayweather's illiteracy is both a reflection of and a cautionary tale against what's happening in HipHop. 

Plus we deal with alpacas, Obamas, extra credit, The Magnificent 7, Tarantino, Digable Planets, and surprises and disappointments from the BET HipHop Awards.

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La di da di Too Old To Party?

Slick Rick

While some real-life old grown man business delayed this episode by a few weeks, like the Geto Boys, the Get Off My Lawn Podcast can't be stopped! 

In this episode J and Dre tackle the HipHop-specific question of "How old is too old to be attending rap concerts?"; Pass some much needed performance wisdom on to a HipHop legend; Scratch their heads over Sprite's bizarre choices for a HipHop Mt. Rushmore; debate the best rental car to use to go wizarding; and wonder what the Hell a soft piano solo and delicate crooning are doing in the most popular rap song of the day.

Plus, old man reviews of music from Clockwork Indigo, Mystic, Jadakiss, Dub C, and the Jigmastas. 

And somebody owes someone a watermelon.

  • How old is too old for HipHop shows? — 14:01
  • Drake in Sprite's HipHop Mt. Rushmore? — 1:00:28
  • Clockwork Indigo — 1:06:05
  • Mystic — 1:14:27
  • Jadakiss — 1:22:21
  • WC — 1:33:22
  • Jigmastas — 1:42:03
  • Wiz Khalifa — 1:50:51
  • Arrested Development — 2:01:30