The Incredible Hate

The incredible hate

Just how many things can three old angry HipHop heads hate on in one podcast? In this episode Andre Cole (@andrecole) and Dr. Adolphus Belk Jr. (@abjrphd) join J (@HipHopTaliban) to look at 1994 and wrap up their investigation of when HipHop went off the rails. And along the way we get a laundry list of things the fellas hate, including, but not limited to, instructional dance, Juvenile, Bill O'Reilly, Regulators, Slavery, the death of Freddie Gray and much, much more. All of this along with an in-depth look at the Rich Homie Quan/Lil Kim debacle on the VH-1 HipHop Honors show. Did Quan actually do Kim a favor?

  • 00:07:35 — Kim, Quan & VH-1 
  • 00:51:06 — 1994
  • 02:11:36 — The DNC, Michelle Obama, Slavery, Freddie Gray, & Justice